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Quickfinder Handbooks are your quick reference for common tax questions and insights – the easy-to-understand language, charts and tables answer your questions using various examples that highlight real-life situations. 

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360 CoveragePros

Professional Liability Insurance for Tax Preparers and Bookkeepers


Software & File Sharing


Draft Software, a private company founded in 1977, provides software solutions to over 65,000 tax and accounting firms that file more than 40 million tax returns every year. Known for its award-winning customer service team, Drake is also consistently recognized for excellence in quality, value, and reliability. As part of its commitment to Innovation and customer success, the company has continued to expand product offerings, integrations, and customer-service efforts – more than doubling its customers over the past decade. For more information, visit or call 800.890.9500.



Stop chasing clients for documents and give them an easy, secure, mobile file sharing app they’ll love to use.  With clients sending in documents quickly, staff gets more done. Client-facing task lists, integrated eSignature and KBA capabilities, and complete visibility for the firm (across all clients) ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Client Experience 2.0™ begins with Liscio.  As part of the FSEA bundle, members will receive:

  • 50% off Liscio setup fee
  • 25 FREE eDocs
  • 20% off annual pricing

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Financial Advisors


Michael Mandarino at 123-Investing

123-Investing is a Financial Planning Firm serving clients across the U.S.  Our firm is 19 years old, renamed to 123-Investing in 2008. 123-Investing specializes in providing superior attention to the personal needs of each client helping them reach well rounded financial solutions.